Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read through our frequently asked questions, which may help to answer some of your questions ahead of time.

Do I need to be there when the technicians clean my carpet?

No, you don’t need to bet here while we clean. Most of our clients feel comfortable leaving our cleaning professionals to get on with it as they work, or run errands. Clients will usually meet our cleaning technicians when they arrive to let them in, give them instructions and show them around the house or premises.

Do I need to move any furniture before the cleaning technicians arrive?

We will usually move items such as sofas, tables and chairs. Some larger items like beds, dressers, pianos, heaver or delicate items can be moved, but this will form part of the estimated price and needs to be arranged before hand to set aside time for this.

We always advise our clients to move all small and breakable items to keep them safe from breakage while we clean in the house, etc.

Which types of cleaning are best?

The two most popular types of cleaning are hot water extraction a.k.a steam cleaning, and dry cleaning. We will choose the best option for your personal situation, the stains and kind of surface that is being cleaned.

How Long Does Water Extraction Cleaning Take to Dry?

Drying times vary, depending on various factors. How much cleaning was done, humidity, carpet thickness, central heating, weather and more can affect how long it takes carpets and upholstery to dry.